About Us


About Leo:

Leo is a computer wizard. An Angus (as in MacGyver) of all trades, he wrangles dragons and creates perpetual motion in his free time.

About Amber:

Amber is a squishy poet from beyond the stars. She reads ALL the books and she thinks in glitter and sarcasm. These two things are unrelated.

About The Couple:

Amber and Leo met in that graveyard of taste that we call the internet. They had 94% compatibility on a certain dating site.  Amber sent him a message remarking on such and they were off.

Leo lived three hours away from Amber. It was a lot of messaging, email, and Google Hangouts at first. They had their first in-person date at a movie theater near Amber’s house. Afterwards they ate at Beef O’Brady’s…which is now closed.

Eventually, Leo packed up all his stuff and his two cats and moved to central Arkansas to live with Amber and her dog. The blended family lived very happily. Amber and Leo would sometimes eat burgers at Wimpy’s…which is now closed.

Leo popped the question on December 17, 2013 at a Johnny Carino’s…which closed two weeks afterwards. Amber said yes, and here we are.

When Amber and Leo aren’t performing their duties as the Grim Reapers of restaurants, they like to play video games and make puns.