Wedding Party


The Bridesmaids (in alphabetical order):



Ashley in her final form.

Ashley is a terrible pie crust. She is sweet, but not at all flaky or buttery. Despite this, she is pretty amazing. She spends her days cracking whips at various libraries and her nights rousing the rabble. She goes where she wants to, a place that most will never find. And she can act like she comes from out of this world, leaves the real one far behind.



Jessie in action.

Jessie once divided by zero and caused Niagra Falls. You’re welcome. She writes stuff for a living, but gets money for nothing and her chicks for free. She is also married and has a son, but we try not to hold that against her.


Groomsmen (in no particular order):



Yes, this is what Josh looks like.

Josh whips it into shape. He shapes it up and gets it straight. He goes forward, moves ahead. He detects it, it’s not too late for him to whip it, whip it adequately.